Solidarity Forever

Cooperation LI brings together community-based organizations, base-building groups, service non-profits, jail advocates, immigrant rights groups, reproductive healthcare providers, faith organizations, and other community leaders to identify and support the diverse needs of the Long Island community, while centering the needs of traditionally marginalized communities.

Why mutual aid

COVID-19 has and is continuing to reveal the failures of the economic and political systems of the United States.

Amid this sill-ongoing unprecedented public health crisis, mutual aid networks have sprouted up across Long Island in an effort to help those who continue to be left behind by our institutions. 

Who We Serve

Through relational organizing, we engage in direct outreach to networks of diverse communities on Long Island in order to understand immediate support that is needed.

These communities include but are not limited to Indigenous populations, low-income communities, currently & formerly incarcerated individuals, immigrant & undocumented community members, Black & Brown neighborhoods, marginalized genders, disabled & neurodiverse communities, and the elderly.

How We Work

Our Structure

Cooperation Long Island has three main pillars in order to forward the efforts of the collective: Coordination, Outreach, and Policy.

Co-Owner John Doe


Outreach engages our networks of diverse communities on Long Island in order to understand immediate support that is needed and to promote the resources offered by Cooperation LI. This is done through direct contact with community organizations, community leaders, and nonprofits, through social media campaigns, and through earned media.

Co-Owner John Doe


Coordination mobilizes the network to pool or connect the necessary human and monetary resources to service needs identified through our outreach, whether they be the collection of food, medical, or cleaning supplies, pickup and drop off of materials, emotional support, fundraising, or connection to local, state, and federal resources related to healthcare, labor, or financial concerns.

Co-Owner John Doe

Policy and Advocacy

Policy and Advocacy works to enact policy changes at the local, state, and federal level to both meet immediate needs identified through mutual aid organizing and to secure structural wins beyond this crisis to advance an economic move towards a society that is community-controlled, regenerative, and equitable.

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