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Premium Crisis Pay for Lidl/Best Market Grocery Store Workers

Lidl grocery store workers are on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic helping families get the food and supplies they need every day. Lidl needs to immediately provide premium crisis pay to the workers who are helping our communities.

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Best Market/Lidl workers, who are part of the essential workforce, are finding that the company is doing an abysmal job at communicating with their workers and keeping them and their customers safe from infection. We are hearing that workers are testing positive for COVID and the company is not communicating this to their staff and public. We are still unsure as to what disinfecting protocols they have and workers have reported concern that their stores are not being closed or properly cleaned after workers are testing positive. Unionized local supermarkets like Stop & Shop and King Kullen are providing their workers with hazard pay because they recognize the risk workers are taking by being at work each day to provide this essential service to the public. Best Market/Lidl has yet to offer their workers hazard pay.