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Kreyòl Ayisyen

Koperasyon Long Island se yon kolektif moun ak òganizasyon ki gen pouvwa pou bay èd mityèl. Nou travay pou idantifye ak sipòte divès bezwen kominote Long Island, pandan wap konsantre sou bezwen kominote tradisyonèlman marginalize yo, nan fè fas a COVID-19 atravè kontak, pataje enfòmasyon, sèvis dirèk, ak chanjman politik ki satisfè bezwen imedya ak asire ranport estriktirèl pi lwen pase kriz sa.

An image of a computer, notebooks, and other digital tools and resources.

Gade resous yo

Gade nan resous nou yo ke nou te mete ansanm pou Long Island.

Gade resous yo
An image of Long Island Organizations for climate justice

Gade òganizasyon

Tcheke òganizasyon ki ap fè travay mityèl sou Long Island.

Gade òganizasyon
A speaker at a podium demanding things from their leaders.

Mande èd

Pa ka jwenn sa wap chèche a? Ranpli fòm sa pou jwenn èd pou yon bagay ki pa la.

Mande èd

Anba nou gen lyen ak resous, gwoup, ak yon fòm pou mande èd pou yon moun kontakte ou ki pale kreyòl ayisyen. Nou eseye asire ke resous nan paj sa aksesib nan kreyòl ayisyen.

Gade resous yo

NYS Unemployment Claimant Handbook

New York State
Jobs & Unemployment

NYS Unemployment Insurance Claimant Handbooks available in many languages.

Baby Essentials of Long Island

Nassau County, Suffolk County
Childcare, Delivery

Baby Essentials of Long Island (BELI) insists that the dignity, health, welfare, and development of all children is of paramount importance to society as a whole. During COVID, BELI is providing deliveries of diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials to households in need. Call 211 and request "Help Me Grow" service to request baby essentials. Requests will be filled within a week. Spanish and Haitian Creole translation available. info@babyessentialsoflongisland.org (516) 455-3179

Gade òganizasyon

Elmont Cultural Center

Elmont Cultural Center is an innovative and compassionate nonprofit based in Elmont, New York, which exists to promote and support the self-sufficiency and well being of the immigrant populations and to facilitate community engagement in and around Greater Long Island. During COVID-19 the Center is here for you during this time of isolation. Feel free to contact us if you need help. We will connect you with the vast resources through our partners.